Our House system aims to give students an identity and a sense of pride. We place a high value on learning about working as a team. In our school, we have four houses – Aravali House, Nilgiri House, Shivalik House, and Vindhya House. The Student Council is elected by a process of free and fair elections conducted in a very democratic and transparent way.

The Investiture Ceremony that inducts them into the cabinet is a solemn occasion with students taking an oath. They promise to lead the house and their school, keeping in mind the spirit of competition and fairness.

Our Prefectorial system consists of:

  1. Head Boy
  2. Head Girl
  3. House Captains
  4. Vice House Captains
  5. Prefects
Head Boy –Goransh Bahri Head Girl – Dhruvika Jain
Aravali House Nilgiri House Shivalik House Vindhiya House
Captain - Noor Kohli
Vice Captain – Diya khera
  1. Abhishek (Class VIII)
  2. Helik (Class VII)
  3. Himanish (Class VII)
  4. Gurvir Singh (Class VI)
Captain - Sarang Talwar
Vice Captain - Bhoomi Khullar
  1. Harjot Singh (Class VIII)
  2. Jaganaya Aggarwal (Class VII)
  3. Mayank Julka (Class VI)
  4. Janav Sharma (Class VI)
Captain - Ivneera Kataria
Vice Captain - Advita Chopra
  1. Aniket Bagga (Class VIII)
  2. Bhavya kapoor (Class VII)
  3. Karanveer Singh (Class VII)
  4. Devansh (Class VI)
Captain - Kriti Kumar
Vice Captain - Achintya Aggarwal
  1. Ansh Anand (Class VIII)
  2. Divya Sharma (Class VI)
  3. Divyashu Jolly (Class VII)
  4. Anshika Verma (Class VII)