Name of Activity


A Workshop was conducted by Expressions India on Peer Education in the School auditorium for students. Ms. Aprajita and Ms. Akansha, along with the group of Fine Peer Educators, conducted the session. The session was organised in a mobile bus which had posters of gender sensitisation, life skills, etc. Students were made to sit in the mobility bus and were shown several video clips to generate awareness about the challenges of growing up as a teenager.


Tagore International School,Vasant Vihar, organised the Annual Leadership Summit ‘LED ON - Leaders of Tomorrow, Meet Today’. The theme of the event was ‘Excellence, Engagement & Ethics’. It was attended by the Head Boy- Anand Singh Rana and the Head Girl – Poorva Chaudhary.

24-10-2016 & 25-10-2016

Gargi College, in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, North India Local Session, organised the Yusuf Hamied Inspirational Chemistry Programme as a part of their Golden Jubilee Celebration. This Programme aimed to develop the knowledge and skills of Chemistry teachers to make them a Teacher Developer. There were three workshops:

  • Moving towards active learning
  • Chemical reactions and equations
  • The practice nature of matter

The resource person of the Workshop was Dr. Vimla Oak. Ms. Swati Lohani of Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai attended the Workshop.


“Each new discovery is a small step towards the betterment of humankind” – rightly said by Dr. Tapan Misra, Director of Space application Centre at ISRO. In continuation of the World Space Week celebration as declared by United Nations, SPACE Technology and Education along with the Embassy of the United States collaboratively organised an interactive session for high school and college students at the American Centre with some of the eminent speakers and representatives from ISRO and NASA at the American Centre, Delhi. Two students of the Astronomy Club, Aryaman Jaiman and Akshmit Dewan, got the opportunity to attend the session along with Ms. Sangeeta Das, Asst. Club Coordinator. The session was based on NISAR (NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar), a collaborative satellite designed by NASA and ISRO to observe and take measurements of some of the planet’s most complex processes including ecosystem disturbances, ice-sheets collapse, and natural hazards such as earthquakes, Tsunamis, volcanoes and landslides. Dr. Sanghamitra Dutta, a scientist and project officer at NASA, talked about the ongoing and upcoming missions of NASA and how NASA is providing data for free to all users worldwide. The students were encouraged to ask questions and join space related programmes at the school level.