teachers-day-1New Delhi, September 5, 2013: The students of Class III A, along with their class teacher, got an opportunity to conduct a special morning assembly based on ‘Teachers' Day’. The morning assembly started by reciting the doha –

Guru Gobind Deo Khade
Kake Lagu Pae
Balihari Guru Apne
Jin Gobind Deo Milaye

It was followed by the thought of the day and a small skit which was presented by the students depicting how the teacher with the heart for her children knows, what the teaching is all about. The depiction was done in a very wonderful and marvellous way. A song was also sung, paying a tribute to the teachers, followed by a dance performance where the students danced as jokers and conveyed the message to enjoy life to the fullest.

teachers-day-2A play, 'A teacher's Story', was enacted which conveyed a beautiful message that how well a teacher reads, studies and understands the feelings of children. The assembly was concluded by showing an educative video film based on Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

The school principal and the primary wing incharge appreciated the sincere hard work put by the class teacher and the students.