Pre Primary - Events

The festival of Rakshabandhan is celebrated to strengthen the bond of love and affection between brothers and sisters. The children understood the significance of Rakshabandhan through a story. The Nursery and K.G. children did activities related to Rakshabandhan. The Nursery children made Rakhis which were tied on their wrists by their teachers. They exchanged sweets which they had bought in their lunch box. The K.G children made Rakhi Cards which they carried home for their brothers/sisters.

JanamashtimI Celebration

The tiny tots of Pre- Primary celebrated Janamashtimi in the traditional manner. All the children of two sections of Nursery took part in the celebration. They dramatized the story of Lord Krishna’s birth - right from Devki and Vasudev’s wedding to leaving Krishna in Gokul. All the girls of these two sections danced on the song –to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna . Children depicted the various facets of Krishna’s personality – As a friend with Sudama, as Makhan Chor with Maa Yashoda, as Gavala with flute and cows, as a Savior with Goverdhan Parvat and Krishna with Radha etc. The Jhoola of Lord Krishna was rocked by all the teachers and children. Arti was performed and prashad was also distributed at the end of the show.

Founder Day

The birthday of our Founder President, Apeejay Education Society, Late Dr. Stya Paul was celebrated on 20th October 2010. The tender children of Pre-Primary remembered him as their dear Dadaji who came to visit them often and showered them with blessings. A special assembly was held on that day wherein our KG children sang one of Chairman Sir’s favourite Bhajans “Raghupati Raghav Raja RAM”. Our Principal Sir, Mr. A.P. Sharma and Pre-Primary Incharge Mrs. Vijay Grover addressed the children and recollected fond memories of his visits to the school. The K.G. children sang this bhajan in the Senior School assembly also and got a standing ovation.

Animal Parade

To enhance the general knowledge and general awareness of our little ones we take up various topics which relate to every day life. One such topic was ANIMAL KINGDOM. To make the process of learning interesting and fun filled an Animal Parade was organised for the Nursery children wherein Nursery A and B children came dressed as Domestic / Water animals and Nursery C & D children came dressed as wild / Pet animals. All the children played their part to the hilt, - Walking, talking like the animals they were portraying. Children also danced on the songs - Old MacDonald had a farm and Jungle Mein Janwar Khelte Hai. The KG children who were the audience cheered the Nursery children. It was a fun filled and educational activity and enjoyed by all.

Grandparents Day

Grandparents are the roots of a family tree. If the roots are strong and healthy the tree blooms beautifully. But for it to blossom we have to tend to it with love, care and affection. To instill these values in our little ones we celebrate Grandparents Day every year. There was a slight nip in the air but sill the grandparents turned out in large numbers all wrapped up in shawls and coats/ sweaters. To salute the spirit of our oldest grandparent Mr. C.P.Seth we made him the Chief Guest. The programme started with a welcome address by our Principal Sir, Vice Principal Madam and Primary Incharge followed by Pom Pom Drill by Nursery and Hoopla Drill by KG students. Class I students presented a Skit and two songs.

Many races had been organised for he grandparents like – Generation Race, Lemon and Spoon Race, Pin the I-Card Race, book balancing & pullover Race. A dance competition was also organised wherein the Dada, Dadi’s / Nana Nani’s participated whole heartedly. The grandparents who come first, second and third were awarded. The best dressed grandmother and grandfather were also awarded. Children made beautiful cards for their grandparents. All the grandparents were overwhelmed and happy to be a part of this programme. Overall it was a day of bonding between grandchildren and grandparents.