Pre Primary - Events

Baisakhi Celebration

Baisakhi the harvest festival was celebrated in the traditional way by Nursery A and KG A children. The teacher told the children about how and why Baisakhi is celebrated. The children enjoyed putting their hands up and tapping their feet on Bhangra Beats.

Easter Celebration

Easter is a festival of the Christian Church Commemorating the resurrection of Christ. As a part of ISA project Easter was celebrated by Nursery Children in the most authentic manner. Easter egg is offered as gift on Easter. A chocolate egg, decorated hens egg or egg shaped ornament is offered as gift at Easter. Related to this, children did tearing and pasting in egg cut outs on 19th April. The story of Easter was narrated on 20th April. The grand finale was on 21st April 2011 wherein a Treasure Hunt was organised in the class rooms. Children with the help of teachers made ‘Bunny Headgears’ and carried them home. Toffees were distributed to all the children.

Earth day is a day devoted for indulging in activities which help in preserving what Mother Nature has given us. Earth day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary department. A special assembly was held wherein a skit on Say no to plastic bags and use of jute bags was presented by the teachers and children of Nursery B and KG B. Children spoke on global warming, the teachers told the children about water conservation, saving electricity etc.

Budh Purnima Celebrations

As a part of ISA project Nursery teachers and children celebrated Budh Purnima. A small skit based on the life of Buddha as a ‘Young Prince Siddharth’ was presented by all the Nursery teachers. Some children came dressed like- little Buddha’s and chanted Budham Sharnam Gachaami Children were told about how and why Prince Siddharth become Lord Buddha. They were also told about his teachings.

Independence Day Celebration

The Pre-Primay Department celebrated the 64th Independence Day with great enthusiasm and exhibited a strong feeling of patriotism and love for our Country-‘India’. The show started with singing of Ae Mere Vatan Ke Logo by two teachers of the department and a dance ballet presented by the Nursery students. The students sang and danced on the song I LOVE MY INDIA beautifully depicting the freedom struggle as it had taken place in all the states of India. This was followed by a Patriotic Song Competition by the K.G. children. All the K.G students took part in this inter section Competition .The songs had been carefully selected and prepared by the class teachers. The presentation of all sections was so good that the judges found it difficult to choose the best one. All the K.G. parents were present to applaud and appreciate their children. To further enhance the spirit of patriotism children repeated slogans East or West India is the best.