Pre Primary - Events

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To help young children adjust to their new world and to familiarize with the Apeejay Ethos and Philosophy, an Orientation session for parents was conducted in our school. Dr. Sameer Parikh, an eminent Psychiatrist, talked about the Behavioral Problems found in children of the pre-primary age group. Dr. Ravindran – a renowned Psychologist gave tips on ‘Positive Parenting’. Dr. Namita Ranganathan- Psychologist and Educationist, acquainted the parents with the Psychological world of the child. Dr. V.S.Garg, Education Advisor, Apeejay Education Society, familiarized the parents with the Apeejay ethos and philosophy. Orientation sessions on both the days was a great success. According to the feedback given by the parents the ideas and views presented by the speakers were greatly beneficial and would definitely help them to become better parents.

Come April and the harvest is ready to be reaped. A good harvest makes the farmer very happy and he is ready to rejoice. This was dramatized by the Nursery A and KG A teachers and children in the special assembly on Baisakhi day i.e. 13-04-2012. The teachers and children also enjoyed putting their hands up and tapping their feet on Bhangra Beats.
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Earth day is a day devoted for indulging in activities which help in preserving what mother nature has given us. Earth day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary department on 23rd April 2012. A special assembly was held wherein the teachers and children of Nursery B and KG B spoke on Global warming, preservation of Earth by saying no to plastic bags, use of jute bags, water conservation, tree plantation etc.

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Annual Exhibition was held in the school on 28th July 2012. The youngest child of the school Ekachit Khullar of Nursery C was made the Chief Guest. Pre-primary children participated in the exhibition in a big way. The theme for Nursery pavilion was ‘My World of Fairy Tales’. All the puppets made by the children (with help form their parents), holiday homework folders and personal albums on ‘How I Spent My Holidays’ were displayed. Some children came dressed as Fairy Tale characters from stories like Cinderella, Snow white, Pinocchio and Three little pigs. The theme for KG class was ‘I am an Innovator’. Projects made with waste material (as a part of holiday homework) were displayed. Children spoke confidently about their projects. A special mention can be made of the following:
Krishna Kakkar of KG B - experiment to prove that paper has strength.
Chitleen Kaur of KG B - showed off her innovative x-ray machine.
Eshaan Kabra KG C - experiment to prove that plants need oxygen.
Shourya Kapoor of KG D- experiment to prove that objects float in saline water.
A group of KG children sang and danced on a rain song.  Overall it was an impressive display of handwork and talent.

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  • The KG children were taken for a Visit to the neighbourhood areas like – Post Office, Temple, Mosque, Church, Gurudwara, Mother Dairy, Police Station etc. as part of the theme – Home and Neighbourhood.
  • Children came dressed as “Helpers” like – Doctor, Airhostess, Postman, Nurse, Driver, Gardener, Policeman etc. They spoke on what they had become and what they do.
  • To promote overall development of each child and give greater emphasis to creativity, independent thinking analytical thought, enhancement of concentration, development of finer motor skills and listening skills the nursery children were exposed to a number of activities using different educational apparatus like abacus, beads, pyramids, blocks, spiral table, sound boxes, buttoning frames etc.