Pre Primary - Events

New Delhi, September 5, 2013: This Teacher's Day, the young ones dressed up and enacted as their teachers as they imitated them. The children from the Pre-School Wing and Class KG also made special cards for their teachers.

New Delhi, August 19, 2013: The pre-primary children celebrated Rakshabandhan in the school wherein Class KG D children depicted the importance of the festival of Rakhi and how it is celebrated in the form of a story. Nursery D children also danced on the song 'Mere Bhaiya...’

independanceNew Delhi, August 14, 2013: The pre-primary section of the school celebrated the 67th Independence Day in the school with great enthusiasm. The teachers of Nursery C and KG C enacted how India got its freedom from the Britishers. Children from Class Nursery C danced to the songs – 'Aisa Desh Hai Mera...' and 'Vande Mataram...'

The children form Class KG C also sang the song 'Sare Jahan Se Achaa...' to enhance the spirit of patriotism among children as they repeated slogans like 'Jai Hind' and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.


New Delhi, April 22, 2013: Earth day is a day devoted for indulging in activities which help in preserving what Mother Nature has gifted us. Earth day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary department in April 2013. A special assembly was held wherein the teachers and children of Pre-Nursery and KG spoke on preservation of Earth by saying ‘No’ to plastic bags and ‘Yes’ to jute and paper bags, how to save water and not to waste.

The love for plants was highlighted by the slogan – ‘Each one plant one’. Pre-Nursery students dramatised on the song – Kisne Banaya Phoolo ko… and KG students sang a song related to Earth. The Pre-Primary in-charge, Mrs. Vijay Grover, also planted a sapling in a pot along with few children.

Earth-Day-Celebrations-2013-1 Earth-Day-Celebrations-2013-1






New Delhi, April 6, 2013: To help young children adjust to their new world, Children’s Orientation and Parents’ Orientation sessions are conducted at the School. Proper upbringing of children is of great significance especially in the formative years of a child’s life. The School Principal, Mr. A.P. Sharma welcomed the parents to the Apeejay family and Mr. V.S. Garg, Education Advisor, Apeejay Education Society, familiarised the parents with the Apeejay ethos and philosophy (on 24th March 2013).

Eminent speakers, Dr. Ravindran, Psychologist from the Helping Hand, talked about ‘Positive Parenting’ and Dr. Shikha Gupta from Parenting Coach discussed the ‘Behavioural Problems Found in Children of this Age Group’. The workshop conducted by Dr. Gupta (on 6th April 2013) was very interactive and was immensely enjoyed by the parents. The Pre-Primary in-charge, Ms. Vijay Grover, took interesting sessions on the teaching methodology and the role of parents, vis-à-vis Apeejay School.

Parents’ Orientation sessions on both days were a great success. According to the feedback given by the parents, the ideas and views presented by the speakers were greatly beneficial and would definitely help them to become better parents.