Pre Primary - Events

New Delhi, March 15, 2014: The School celebrated its Pre-Primary Annual Appreciation Day, Pallav, in March 2014. Ms. Jaishree Sethi, Creative Director of Story Ghar was the Chief Guest for the occasion.

The programme commenced with few children offering tribute to the rising sun with the chanting of Surya Dev Pranam. The theme of the programme was ‘Celebrating India’. All the items were well-blended with the theme and projected that India is a secular country where all religions are respected.

Children from Class Nursery danced on foot tapping songs from different states of India wearing bright colourful dresses. Class KG children enacted an action song depicting ‘Azaadi Ki Kahaani’ and also a drama, The King with Horns, showing the concept of joint family system where culture and traditions are passed on from one generation to another.

The programme culminated with the grand finale, a great musical extravaganza, ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhaara’. The aim was to showcase the spirit of national integration and create awareness about the rich heritage of India. The audience was left spell bound and the programme was well appreciated by one and all. Children who had performed consistently well in various fields were also awarded by the Chief Guest on the occasion.


An inter-school competition, Nav Udaan, was held at Apeejay School, Noida. Children from Class Nursery and KG participated in different activities and won the 3rd prize in ‘Musical Action Song’ and ‘Clown Relay Race’. The following children were part of the winning team for ‘Musical Action Song’ – Yogita, Navyansh Tanwar, Shashank Gupta, Shivangi, Tisha Sahay and Mahika Arora of Class Nursery. Abbas Hasnain and Hana Masood of Class KG won the Relay Race.

nur-presentation-1New Delhi, December 31, 2013: Children from Class Nursery presented items based on the theme ‘Animals’ wherein all the children from the four sections took part in the presentation. The programme started with the dramatisation of the story ‘Jumbo the Elephant’ by Nursery B children followed by ‘Cat Walk’ by the Nursery A children. Song dramatisation of the song ‘Chu Chu Karti Aayi Chiriya’ was presented by the Nursery D children and concluded with the dramatisation of the story ‘The King Tree’ by the Nursery C children.

All the nursery parents were invited for the event and they were happy to watch their little ones performing on stage. The children performed confidently and the programme was appreciated by one and all.

nur-presentation nur-presentation nur-presentation

grand-parents-dayNew Delhi, December 13, 2013: Children of pre-school, KG and Class I celebrated Grandparent’s Day as they gave memorable moments to their grandparents by honouring them with a special programme.

To salute the spirit the oldest grandparent present on this special day, Mr. Shantilal Arora (Grandfather of Khushi Arora, Class-I) was present as the Chief Guest for the occasion. The programme started with a welcome address by the school principal, Mr. A.P. Sharma. It was followed by a smiley drill by the children of Class Nursery, Yoga by Class KG children and Folk Dance by the Class I children.

Many races were also organised for the grandparents like Generation Race, Lemon and Spoon Race and Musical Chairs. The grandparents who came first, second and third were awarded. The best dressed grandmother and grandfather were also awarded. Grandparents made beautiful and innovative cards for their grandchildren. The best 3 cards in classes Nursery, KG and Class-I were awarded too. All the grandparents were overwhelmed and happy. Overall it was a great day of bonding between the grandparents and their grandchildren.

grand-parents-day grand-parents-day

New Delhi, November 29, 2013: A day-long Adventure Camp was organised for the children of Class Nursery and Class KG on 28th & 29th November 2013. The children enjoyed different adventure activities like River Crossing, Double Rope Bridge, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Rope, Commandos Net, Hopscotch and Commandos Crawl. It was a wonderful experience for the children. The last and final activity of the day – a magic show completely enthralled the children.

All the children relished the Hot Pakoras, Halwa and French Fries with Bournvita served for breakfast and also did justice to the lunch and evening snacks served at the camp. Children especially enjoyed eating Rajma Rice, Poori Aloo and Ice Cream.

The children learnt great deal about Social Development and Community Feeling, Cognitive Development, Listening and Speaking Skills, Bonding & Feeling Togetherness, Self-Esteem, Self-Reliance, Sharing, Team Work and Spirit of Adventure.