Pre Primary - Events

Epic of RamayanaTo make the children familiar with our culture, scriptures and national heritage the KG children presented the ‘Epic of Ramayana’ in the dance and drama form (right from birth of Shri Ram to his Rajya Abhishek). Keeping pace with the modern times the story narration was done in the rap form accompanied by melodious background music and The Principal and Heads were welcomed with stoles, which were also worn by all the Pre-Primary teachers. All the KG children took part in the function with great zeal and enthusiasm. While they were on stage it seemed as if each child had got under the skin of the character he/she was portraying.

They had even memorized the rap lines and were heard singing them, along with the narrator. The KG parents and Nursery children watched and enjoyed the show. Everyone was so entranced that there was pin drop silence in the auditorium broken only to the sound of JAI SIA RAM. Diyas were lit and prashad distributed at the end of the show. The after effect of this presented by our tiny tots was such that even after the show ended the Lords name lingered on the lips of the parents and children coming out of the auditorium.

Thanks Giving Day

A Special assembly was organised to celebrate ‘Thanks Giving Day’ in order to teach the children to respect the people who do things for them in everyday life. All the helpers in the school from the Gardener, Ayah, Nurse, Plumber, Driver, Carpenter, Electrician, Security Guard to the people who work in the office were invited and introduced to the children. Nursery children sang a thank you song and presented thank you cards to them. They also performed a skit depicting the importance of thanks giving. This small gesture by the little ones warmed the hearts of all the helpers and there was a smile on their lips and a spring in their steps as they left to carry on with their everyday tasks.

Adventure Camp 3

A day long Adventure Camp was organised for the children of Nursery and KG children. Children reported to the school at 8.30a.m.and were here till 4.00p.m.They enjoyed different adventure activities. The activities were River Crossing, Double Rope Bridge, Burma Bridge, Tarzan Rope, Commandos Net, Hopscotch, Commandos Crawl. The Zorbing Ball proved to be an exciting and enjoyable experience for them. The children enjoyed every activity without any fear or inhibitions. It was a wonderful experience for the children. The last and final activity of the day - a magic show completely enthralled the children. All the children did justice to the delicious breakfast, lunch and evening snacks served at the camp. Children enjoyed eating Rajma Rice and Jalebi. The parents were eagerly waiting to pickup their wards at the gate. at 4 p.m. Through the above mentioned activities the children learnt:

  • Social Development and  Community Feeling
  • Cognitive Development
  • Listening and speaking skills
  • I.Q level increases
  • Bonding and Feeling togetherness
  • Self esteem boost
  • To become self reliant
  • To share
  • Team work
  • Sprit of adventure.
Christmas Celebrations

‘Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way’ - Santa Claus with his reindeers came to Apeejay. The Pre- Primary wing of Apeejay Sheikh Sarai celebrated Christmas with a lot of fun fare on 24th December 2010. Nursery children depicted the story of Jesus Christ’s birth in a beautiful manner. Little Mary and Joseph looked very convincing while the angels, shepherds, kings, stars looked happy and beamed on them. The choir children sang Carols with a lot of enthusiasm. A Christmas parade was also held in which all the Nursery children took part dressed as Bells, Santas, Angels, Mistletoes, Snowman etc. The KG children sang carols and enjoyed the show.