A refreshingly beautiful and well-kept cafeteria is present in the College to cater to the students’ taste buds. The atmosphere inside is heart-warming and relaxing. It has a modern, comfortable, aesthetically planned seating arrangement. Both quality and quantity is its utmost priority. The cafeteria is a neat and tidy place to have the best of meals, cold-drinks, juice & ice-cream etc., at reasonable, in fact, appetizing rates!


This cell functions under the guidance of Mrs. Shashi Prabha, Associate Prof. The objective is to enlighten and make the students aware of themselves, thus building a correct perspective and raising their self-esteem. Its endeavor is to regenerate and enhance their personality and make them conscious and aware of women’s issues and rights. An extension lecture was organized recently to provide legal awareness to the students on ‘Legal Awareness Day’. Hon’ble Justice R.K. Yadav Addl. Districe & Session Judge, Hon’ble Justice Manoj Rana and Hon’ble Justice Mrs. Shifa enlightened the students on ‘Fundamental Rights’, and ‘Rights of Woman’.

National Cadet Corps is an organisation which adds good characteristics in the personality of cadets. It motivates the cadets to accept and overcome the biggest challenges of life. The NCC training develops a cadet to become a valuable citizen. The College has two NCC Units of 108 Cadets. Under the able guidance of NCC Officer our NCC Cadets are achieving new goals.  Some of their achievements are as under:  
2 NCC Cadets attended Army Attachment Camp held in August 2012 at Ambala. 
86 NCC Cadets attended ATC Camp from 1st Sep. to 10th Sep. 2012 at Sampla, Distt. Rohtak.
3 NCC Cadets attended NIC Camp from 30th Oct. to 12th Nov. 2012 held at Vardhman, West Bengal.
2 NCC Cadets attended CATC Camp held at Rohtak, Haryana.
Kumari Jyoti of B.A.I attended DCATC-I, DCATC-II and Pre RD Camp from 12th Oct. to 12th Nov. 2012.
50 NCC Cadets attended ATC Camp from 11th Oct. 20th Oct. 2013 held at Rohtak.
24 NCC Cadets were awarded ‘C’ Certificates and 36 Cadets were awarded ‘B’ Certificates during the year 2012-13.
20 NCC Cadets were awarded ‘B’ Certificates during the year 2014-15.
36 NCC Cadets attended ATC Camp from 20th Dec. to 29th Dec. 2014 held at Rohtak.
4 cadets selected for RD Camp during 2015-2016.