Session I dealt with the topic “Stress and Coping with it”.  Dr.  S.A. Basir , a consultant psychiatrist with the Central Institute of Psychiatry was the resource person.   He defined stress and its various aspects.  He then explained the various causes and the consequences of  stress.  Mrs. Anita Paul was also a part of the session and interacted with the students and provided them with tips to cope with stress. She shared with the students about her personal experiences of combating stress. Mr. Pradeep Pandey, the school Yoga instructor, introduced the students to simple breathing exercises for relaxation.

Session II dealt with the topic “Assertive and Responsive Behaviour”.  Ms. Minansa Singh and Ms. Harsheen  K. Arora, psychologists of Max Health Care,  gave an insight into the four types of behaviour people generally display and the positive and negative aspects of each behavioral pattern.  They concluded that assertive behaviour was the most influential and apt form of behaviour.  They talked about responsive behaviour which they felt is a must for every leader.

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