Session I was conducted by Ms. Shalini Tandon and Ms. Seema Passi. They interacted with the students of the Primary Prefectorial Board highlighting the qualities of a good leader. The students were involved in various group games and activities which helped them understand the importance of team work and sharing of responsibility.

Session II was on “Communication Skills” was conducted by Mrs. Deepa Chopra and Mrs. Rachna Magoo.   The students  were familiarized  with the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication in interpersonal relationships.

Session III was on  “ Being Assertive and Responsible”. It was conducted by Ms. Sarita Chawla and Phullora Sikdar. Six personality types were highlighted and the importance of  using different styles of leadership as per the situation, was explained to the members of the leadership camp.

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Session I Session II Session III