Class Nursery - Myself

Class KG - Me and My Family

Class I - Me and My World

S. No. Date Class Activity
1. 05.04.19 KG My Family Portrait
2. 08.04.19 KG Dough Play
3. 10.04.19 KG Story Narration
4. 11.04.19 KG I am Special Activity
5. 12.04.19 KG Sight Words Activity
6. 12.04.19 KG Movie time
7. 13.04.19 KG Making of Smiley Badges
8. 16.04.19 KG Trip to Kidzania
9. 16.04.19 Nursery Show and Tell Activity
10. 17.04.19 Nursery Family Tree Activity
11. 18.04.19 KG Show and Tell Activity
12. 18.04.19 I Singing Activity
13. 22.04.19 Nursery, KG & I Earth Day Celebration
14. 03.05.19 I School Tour
15. 06.05.19 I Dress and Tell Activity
16. 08.05.19 I Abacus Activity
17. 09.05.19 Nursery, KG & I Mango Day Celebration
18. 09.05.19 Nursery, KG & I Mother’s Day Celebration

My Family Portrait

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Dough Play

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Story Narration

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I am Special Activity

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Sight Words Activity

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Making of Smiley Badges (Class KG)

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Trip to Kidzania (Class KG)

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Show & Tell (Class Nursery)

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Family Tree (Class Nursery)

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Show & Tell (Class KG)

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Singing Activity (Class I)

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Earth Day Celebration (Classes Nursery, KG & I)

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School Tour (Class I)

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Dress & Tell

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Abacus Activity (Class I)

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Mango Day (Classes Nursery, KG & I)

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Mother’s Day (Classes Nursery, KG & I)

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