New Delhi, Dec. 22, 2022: An enriching educational trip was scheduled for the students of Class IX to the Lok Sabha on 22 December 2022. The trip provided our students with a first-hand experience on how the elected representatives of our country function, how the Hon’ble Members of Parliament (MPs) play an instrumental role in nation-building by discussing and debating various topics of national importance. The students also got an opportunity to watch a documentary on the history of the constitution and were fascinated to learn the various stages of its formulation.

New Delhi, Oct 14, 2022: Apeejay School, Saket organised a Leadership Camp for the members of Junior and Senior prefectorial board to Vishal Garh Farms on 2 December 2022. The students were provided with an opportunity to have a great time while practicing teamwork, co-operation, empathy, and other social skills. A total of 75 students along with the faculty members had a fun-filled and enriching learning experience.

New Delhi, Oct 14, 2022:A one-day excursion to Agra was planned for students of Classes III to V. The children witnessed the majestic beauty of the Taj Mahal with great enthusiasm and admiration. There was a special tour organised with the guide which left the students spellbound.

Recently, students of Classes VI-X went on a three-day fun-filled trip to the verdant hills at Mukteshwar to rejuvenate themselves after the mid-term exams.

Students enjoyed participating in the recreational activities and returned with invaluable memories of the journey, the snow-capped mountains, the luscious orchards and the diverse flora & fauna to cherish forever.