New Delhi, March 14, 2024: Apeejay School, Saket, organised a 'Day-out' Adventure Camp, aimed at nurturing leadership skills and teamwork among students in Classes III to IX and XI. The students accompanied by their teachers, took part in the event. The camp featured a variety of engaging athletic games and activities, including zip- lining, archery, hamster wheel, tyre mess and tug of war. The programme was successful in promoting self-awareness and fostering camaraderie among the students.

New Delhi, October 10, 2023: Apeejay School, Saket organized an educational trip to the Nehru Planetarium for students of Classes III to V. This initiative aimed to provide students with a unique learning experience about astronomy and the wonders of the universe. The highlight of the trip was the immersive planetarium show that transported the students into the cosmos. Through mesmerising visuals and expert narration, students were introduced to celestial bodies, constellations and the solar system. It offered a valuable educational experience

New Delhi, October 03, 2023: The students of Apeejay School Saket, along with the teachers, embarked on an educational excursion to Ranthambore, Rajasthan from September 30 th to October 3 rd , 2023. The trip aimed to provide students with a unique learning experience by exploring the natural and cultural heritage of the region. The group visited the iconic C Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dastkari Mela, Rajiv Gandhi Regional Museum of Natural History, along with a thrilling jungle safari. The educational trip to Ranthambore was a great learning experience, allowing students to connect with nature, history and culture in a profound way.

New Delhi August 4, 2023: Apeejay School, Saket organised a day-long trip to ‘Oh! Max Wonderland’ for Classes IV to VI and as many as 87 students embarked on the adventurous trip. The students were engaged in enriching activities and exciting experiences which included visits to the Trampoline Park, Chocolate Factory, Amazon Jungle and a unique opportunity to witness the replica of the Titanic.

New Delhi, August 2, 2023: The School had the wonderful opportunity to lead around as many as 60 enthusiastic students of Classes I, II and III on an unforgettable day-long trip to Snow World. The excitement was palpable, as the students were greeted by a mesmerising landscape blanketed in pristine snow. The students bounced on trampolines and attended the 7D show which transported them to captivating virtual worlds, leaving them awestruck.

New Delhi, May 10, 2023: Apeejay School, Saket organised a day-long excursion for the students of Classes X and XII, to Worlds of Wonder, Noida. The students enjoyed an array of thrilling activities which included 'Lazy Rivers', 'Lapping Up The Waves', 'Plunging Down the Vertical Drops' and many more. The excursion provided an opportunity to the students to bond with their peer group and learning time while also enjoying the thrill of the water park.

New Delhi, March 16, 2023 A 'Day-out' Adventure Camp was organised for the students of Classes III to VIII. The sole aim of the camp was to instill leadership skills and build team spirit in students. Interesting athletic games and activities like Zip lining, Archery, Hamster Wheel, Tyre Mess, Tug of War, and many more such recreational activities were organised. The programme benefited students as it enhanced their self-awareness and camaraderie.

New Delhi, March 14, 2023: For the holistic development of students, Apeejay School, Saket recently organised an Adventure Camp for the young and inquisitive learners of Nursery to Class II. The recreational activities included Commando Net, Mowgli Walk, Zip Line, Dragon Move and Burma Bridge to name a few. Students enjoyed and reverberated great energy throughout the day camp.

New Delhi, Dec. 22, 2022: An enriching educational trip was scheduled for the students of Class IX to the Lok Sabha on 22 December 2022. The trip provided our students with a first-hand experience on how the elected representatives of our country function, how the Hon’ble Members of Parliament (MPs) play an instrumental role in nation-building by discussing and debating various topics of national importance. The students also got an opportunity to watch a documentary on the history of the constitution and were fascinated to learn the various stages of its formulation.

New Delhi, Oct 14, 2022: Apeejay School, Saket organised a Leadership Camp for the members of Junior and Senior prefectorial board to Vishal Garh Farms on 2 December 2022. The students were provided with an opportunity to have a great time while practicing teamwork, co-operation, empathy, and other social skills. A total of 75 students along with the faculty members had a fun-filled and enriching learning experience.