New Delhi, April 30, 2019: A Workshop on ‘Career Options’ for the students of Class XI (Science and Commerce streams) was conducted by Mr Anubhav Rakheja and Ms Neha Vahi from Career Launcher on April 30, 2019. They briefed the students about various career paths that they can opt for and also how to apply in various colleges and universities, including the minimum requirements for the admission, etc.

New Delhi, Aug. 7, 2018: A workshop on Internet Safety was conducted for students of classes V to VII and VIII, IX and XI (in two separate sessions). The aim was to make the students aware of the precautions to be practiced while using the internet. Students were also introduced to cyber laws and how to make safe online transactions.

New Delhi, Aug. 4, 2018: The first phase of the Leadership Camp was organised by Apeejay School, Saket, for the students of the Senior Prefectorial Board. This phase laid importance on orienting the students about the tasks and responsibilities of leadership. It provided students an opportunity to learn to work efficiently as a team with common goals. It involved different sessions in the School to develop leadership traits in students.

The ice-breaking session by Ms. Sarita Chawla helped students identify a quality they would like to imbibe from a leader of their choice. It was heartening to note some of the qualities and visionaries that the students selected and discussed.

The first session was on the role of a leader in teamwork. Ms. Ambareen was the resource person for this session. She focused on strategies to keep the team together. The second session was conducted by Ms Zenia Dutta on the topic ‘Trust Building’. It was based on how to build trust in the team, with some very rejuvenating team activities. The third session was conducted by Ms. Sarita Chawla and Ms. Onila Mishra. The focus was on emphasising the qualities of a leader and to develop different strategies to inculcate leadership skills in the students.

The duties and challenges faced by the prefects, the hierarchy of roles & feedback reports of the Prefectorial Board members were discussed at great length, with emphasis on School discipline. The different activities conducted helped in preparing children to face challenges and emerge as true leaders.

The Leadership Camp successfully concluded with each and every prefect evolving as a better leader, having learned about various traits of a leader.

New Delhi, Aug. 3, 2018: A workshop on Career Competency was conducted for the students of classes XI and XII (in two separate sessions). One session was for the Science stream wherein the students were advised to identify their aptitude and the career options most suited for them and the other session was for the Commerce students who were introduced to other career paths apart from B.Com and Economics (H). Students found the workshop to be enriching and beneficial in many ways.

S.No. Date Name of Teacher Theme of the Workshop Organiser/ Resource Person
1. 24.5.18 -
Ms. Pramila Singh Capacity Building Program for Class IX (English) Ms Kirti Tandon and Ms. Meera Bharadwaj at Sadhu Vaswani International School, Vasant Vihar
2. 12.5.18 Ms. Deepa Chopra Ms. Ambareen Farooquee Guidance based School Education: The Emerging Concept Dr. V.S Ravindran and Prof. Keshav Singh at Tagore International School, East of Kailash
3. 12.4.18- 14.4.18 Ms. Neena Kaushik The Skilling Entrepreneurship Workshop Mr. Steve from NFTE / organised by tGELF at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi
4. 21.4.18 Ms Viveka Garg
Ms Sarita
Skilling & Know how Initiative for Lifelong Leadership Development (SKILLD) tGELF
5. 13.4.2018 Ms Viveka Garg Tinkering and Innovation Apeejay School, Sheikh Sarai