New Delhi, June 1, 2020: Apeejay School, Saket, believes that colors have a significant influence on our life. Life must be celebrated in its various hues to make it vibrant and joyful. True to the School’s motto, ‘Soaring High is My Nature’, the School planned a unique workshop ‘Rang Kriti’ for the parents of classes Nursery to V on June 1, 2020, via Zoom to boost creativity, aesthetics, and imagination. The workshop was conducted by our very creative and talented teacher Ms Lakshmi who demonstrated and explained the significance of rangoli, shared important tips for making perfect rangoli or Kolam, steps to make Rangoli through beautiful videos, and PowerPoint presentation.

New Delhi, May 27, 2020: Apeejay School, Saket, never runs out of talent and our teachers under the able guidance of the Principal, use their skills to foster creativity amongst students. This time it was an engaging art workshop 'Kala Kriti' by our talented art teacher, Mr G.N. Maharana, for the parents of classes Nursery to Class V via Zoom. This artistic venture was attended by 61 enthusiastic parents who were able to master a few brush techniques with watercolor and also paint the scenery with the guidance provided by Mr Maharana. He also demonstrated how to use colours to make beautifully painted flowers look real. Soothing music accompanied by the deft strokes of vibrant colours proved to be a wholesome experience for the parents.
On the same day, another session of 'Kala Kriti', the art workshop was organized for parents of classes VI-XII, to boost their artistic flair. Mr.G.N.Maharana taught the fine nuances of drawing images and figures, depth and distance, sketching, and drawing a landscape. This interactive session had over 42 enthusiastic participants, mostly parents who shared their creations with Mr.Maharana. It was exhilarating to see the artistic expressions of the participants who seemed to enjoy this unique initiative by the school to stay connected.

The Pre-Primary Wing at Apeejay School, Saket, conducted a Zoom session on ‘Think a Tink’ for classes Nursery and KG parents. It was an hour-long enriching session hosted by the School counselor, Ms Naina Midha, who conjured useful brain gyms that generated positivity and synergy among the parents. This light-hearted and invigorating session during these challenging times was well received by the parents who put on their thinking caps and explored their creative self.

During the period of quarantine (pandemic), Apeejay School, Saket, undertook yet another new initiative - Wellness Program for classes VI-XII. The School Counselor engaged the children in various mental and physical exercises, building upon skills that help in adopting a better lifestyle during these changing times. The aim is to ensure that children become productive and well-adjusted to the coming times.

New Delhi, October 2019: The School hosted an enthralling Kathak dance performance by renowned Kathak exponent, Sangita Chatterjee, as part of the Smt. Rajeshwari Paul Kala Sangam series. Ms Sangita Chatterjee commenced her performance with Lord Shiva - Durga vandana that enunciated the different nuances of the classical dance form. She talked about various dance forms and the 'gharana' in Kathak. Various mudras, gestures, bhava and ras used in Kathak were also explained to the eager audience to evoke their interest. She was accompanied on the Tabla by Sri Utpal Ghoshal.