Student Development Programmes

The primary objective of leadership camps is to provide an educational experience for the senior and junior students of the school and help develop their leadership skills. Skills that will assist them solve challenges they will face in the future. The objectives of the leadership camps held at Apeejay School, Saket, enable the young students to develop:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork
  • Learning skills
  • Time management and leadership skills

Leadership sessions were held in the virtual mode with teachers grooming the young leaders to enhance their skills through virtual programs. These programs included the celebration of special days like Republic Day, etc., and the inter-house activities.

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings.” ~ Hodding Carter

New Delhi, Feb. 28, 2019: The Primary & Pre-Primary wings of Apeejay School, Saket, hosted their Appreciation Day for the session 2018-19 on February 27 & 28 respectively in the School premises, on the theme ‘TROUPE TRAIL ET AL / RATNA GARBHA BHRAMAN’. The musical play by the students of Classes II-V took the parents on an awesome journey of discovery to the various tribes around the world, showcasing tribal dances and music of New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa, Bulgaria and India.

The School Principal, Ms Smita Amit, in her address welcomed the parents, grandparents and the guests. She introduced the gathering to the Apeejay Education Society, its founding members, its mission, vision and the values it stands for.

At a glittering Award Ceremony, the students were presented trophies for academic excellence, human values and co-curricular achievements by the esteemed Chief Guest, Dr Diwakar Goel, Executive Director, Airport Authority of India, Ms Smita Amit and the Primary In-Charge.

The Pre-Primary Appreciation Day musical won all hearts in the presence of the renowned dancer, Ms Vaswati Misra, esteemed guest of the day who was amazed by the graceful dances performed by the students of classes Nursery, K.G. & I. Each child was given an opportunity to show his / her talent and was awarded a mini shield as a token of appreciation presented by the Chief Guest, the Principal, Ms Smita Amit, the Headmistress, Ms Priya Vaidya and the Pre-Primary In-Charge, Ms Minakshi Juneja.

Session I was based on interpersonal and intrapersonal skills essential to build a good team conducted by Mrs. Sangeeta Arora and Mrs. Gita Pattanayak.

Session II dealt with verbal and non-verbal communication which is a prerequisite to emerge as an effective leader.  The session was conducted by Mrs. Karuni Subrahmanyam and Mrs. Ritesh Sharma.

Session III explored the  factors leading to a good team.  They were exposed to various situations and which are faced on a daily basis by leaders and their solutions explored.  The session was handled by Mrs. Anuradha Handa and Mrs. Vineeta Sachdeva.

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Session I Session II Session III

Session I was on effective leadership. The students were taught how to judge the skillfulness of their team mates through effective techniques. This session was conducted by Ms. Shalini Tandon and Mrs. Seema Passi.

Session II dealt with intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships conducted by Mrs. Sangeeta Handa and Mrs. Sandhya Sharma. The focus of this session was to provide the students with an opportunity to use basic self development techniques to become more effective leaders.

Session III focused on problem solving and decision making techniques. The students were taught the process of identification and designing solutions to solve problems. This session was conducted by Mrs. Poonam Bhaskar and Mrs. Samia Razi.

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Session I Session II Session III

Ms. Shalini Tandon and Ms. Meenu Sehgal conducted an interactive day long workshop titled “ Growing Up Beautifully” for Class VI. This workshop aimed at encouraging to cope with the changes they are experiencing as part of growing up and also the importance of sharing their feelings with their peers, teachers and parents.