New Delhi, October 21, 2014: Apeejay Model United Nations Conference 2014 was a two-day event held from Oct. 20-Oct. 21, 2014 organised entirely by the Student Council and guided by the staff and administration. The two-day event was a great success with the participation of eighty four students from classes IX-XII.

The conference comprised five committees, namely – The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), World Health Organization (WHO), Human Rights Council (HRC), the General Assembly (GA) and the Press Committee. Each committee had six sessions providing students with an organised forum for discussion and debate on international & current issues of their respective committees.

The press committee enthusiastically covered the entire event and posted the same on the blog:

The conference culminated on the second day with a resolution passed by each committee. Later the delegates informally met in the cultural meet where the ‘Best Delegates’ and ‘Honorable Mention’ awards were announced for every committee. Finally, the two-day event came to an end with students having learned about international policies and gaining experience for law making.