New Delhi, November 23, 2013: The third and the last phase of the leadership camp was organised for the students of the senior prefectorial board of the school. This phase laid importance on the emotional intelligence and communication skills.

The camp had two sessions. The first session was conducted by Ms. Tara Mehta on emotional intelligence which focused on the various aspects of emotional intelligence. The session also emphasised on the necessity of a leader to have a good EQ and the students also discussed some real life situations where one’s emotional skills played a crucial role. The session also included methods to handle and reduce stress.

The second session was conducted by Dr. Sangeeta Arora, Vice Principal, and Ritesh Sharma, Chief House Coordinator on the different aspects of communication. It was a highly interactive session about communication skills which were further elaborated via games and fun-filled activities. The session helped the students to understand that communication is not limited to speaking but also listening & body language, expressions and gestures form an equally important part of communication skills.

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