New Delhi, August 30, 2013: The first phase of the leadership camp comprised three sessions. The ice breaking session was conducted by Dr. Sangeeta Arora and Mrs. Ritesh Sharma in which the students were asked to weave a story relating to their real life experience on a given word and share with the group. This session helped the students to overcome their inhibitions. The second session was conducted by Ms. Reha Bublani, a resource person from the Global Leadership Education Foundation. She created a very interactive platform which encouraged the students to think and express their ideas. The objective was to lead through the mind, become leaders of situation and reach out to others. The third session was conducted by Mrs. Vinita Rocha. The session was about conflict resolution and consideration of individual opinions to a conclusion. Students were given a crisis situation in which they had to come up with a common solution to the problem.

Leadership-Camp-phase Leadership-Camp-phase Leadership-Camp-phase