New Delhi, February 1, 2014: The School’s Primary Wing students work every year on research based projects termed as ‘Jigyasa’ projects. This helps them learn more about the selected topic and gives them the opportunity to work together, share things, explore and gather information and then work as a team to present it. This year too, the students of classes I to V worked on Jigyasa projects and presented their work. The parents of all the students studying in the Primary Wing were invited as guests to visit the exhibition. The students of Class V gave a presentation on ‘Delhi – Meri Shaan’, Class IV students worked on ‘Water and Water Resources’, Class III students presented on ‘India’s Cultural and Natural Heritage’, Class II students worked on ‘Musical Mysteries’ and Class I students presented on ‘Plants, Our Green Friends’. The work done by the students was highly appreciated by all special invitees and visitors.

jigyasa-project-exhibition-1 jigyasa-project-exhibition jigyasa-project-exhibition