New Delhi, December 17, 2014: The students of Class III completed their ISA project titled ‘Know Our Currency’ in Dec. 2014. The objectives of this project were to learn about Indian and other countries’ currency, notes and coins of different denominations & how to convert Indian currency to currency of different countries. The students studied the comparison between the currency of India and the currencies of other countries. They also created and designed their own currency notes and participated in an activity in which they did shopping in the stores created in different corners of the classroom. In this process they also learned few sentences in the language of other countries and were involved in a variety of activities including colouring of flags of different countries, studying about their culture and people. The countries that were considered during this project included India, Nepal, Pakistan, Japan, China, US and UK. The project concluded with an exhibition on December 17, 2014.

Know Our Currency1Know Our Currency1