The pursuit and promotion of human values in the school is an integral part of the entire curriculum. It is carried out by combining integrated, incidental, direct and indirect approach to get the best result. In this entire process, it is also the total institutional climate which adds to achieve the goal of nurturing value centric individuals.

Each class presents a value based thematic class assembly . This brings about a sensitivity to social, cultural and environmental concerns.

The class teachers devote one period per week as an Enrichment period in which students hold discussions on value-based topics.

Theme based day camps are organized for the students to imbibe values in an informal setting. 

Regular workshops are conducted to equip the children  with  life skills to enable them to make right choices and to handle their emotions in a better way.

Guest speakers are invited to conduct interactive sessions for the  students on various topics associated with personality development. 

The school celebrates special days and weeks to bring in humility, the joy of sharing, caring and attitude of gratitude towards their contemporaries and elders.