New Delhi, Nov 19, 2020: The concept of ‘Different Types of Food’ was taken up through a ‘Food Pyramid’ activity. Students collected pictures of food items from newspapers, magazines, and old books. They pasted the same and arranged them according to the different types of food like energy-giving, body-building, protective food, oils and liquids, and water and roughage.

Special Assembly & Funday with Riddle Time

New Delhi, Nov 12, 2020: A special assembly was organised to celebrate Diwali and Children’s Day on November 12, 2020. Students were engaged in interactive games & activities like Riddle Time, diya decoration, and lighting the lamps. It was a fun-filled celebration.

New Delhi, Oct 20, 2020: Students of Class II participated in ‘My Aquarium’ activity with great zeal. They learnt to make aquatic animals using origami sheets and aquarium by recycling an old shoebox. The session also included showcasing the work of students and appreciating them.