Recent Workshops

The eco club students of class 8th and 9th of our school went to British Council on 1st may 2009 with Mrs. Malini Sridhar to attend a seminar on climate change. The Director of British Council Les Dangerfield welcomes the gathering. This was followed by a commendable panel discussion on climate change and its consequences between Mr J.S Dadoo(Secretary of Department of Environment, Government of Delhi), Dr Pulkit Sharma(Researcher of wildlife), Chris Miller (from TVE), Mrs Jaitley (Teacher - Presentation Convent) and Dr. Jai Shri Sharma (Professor - Chemistry, NCERT). 

There was an interesting interactive session between the panelists and audience. We were shown a short film describing the consequence of climate change on the Sunderbans. The climate change has brought about an ecological disaster in Sunderbans which is adversely affected the various animals, one being the Royal Bengal Tiger. The human population is on rise, putting pressure on the existing livelihood sources. The fisherman are facing problem of unemployment as the fishes are not able to breed on the desired time. 

On 25th April 2009, a Teacher’s training workshop on “Creating Lasting Impression” was coordinated by Mrs. Uma Kalra and Ms. Nisha Mehta in the school premises. The resource person was Ms. Pria Warrick, who is a President cum Executive Director of PRIA WARRICK FINISHING ACADEMY. She is a certified image builder and etiquettes expert consultant. Ms.Pria Warrick acted as a beacon light in culminating physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual aspect of a person in order to constantly endeavor to create a lasting imprint in the minds of the people.

On 11th April 2009, 10 students of classes VIII & IX went to India Habitat Centre alongwith Mrs. Seema Chauhan and Mrs. Mala Dayal for discussion on two books – ‘Weed’ and ‘No Guns At My Son’s Funeral’ written by Mrs. Paro Anand. The two books are set in Kashmir and aim at terrorism. Book Reading by the author was followed by a theatre improvisation activity. Students were also given tips for story writing and participated in creative writing activity.