Recent Workshops

On 23rd November, a workshop was held in the school premises. Three persons visited from India-Tibet co-ordinate office for giving a talk on “Tibetian-History” and present situation and showing a documentary on “Glimpse of Tibet” prior to Chinese occupation and its aftermaths. They displayed some exhibits also for children. The talk was for one and a half hour and the documentary was for one hour. All sections of class IX children were present there .It was a knowledgeable workshop for children.

Apeejay School, Pitampura organized Teachers’ Training Programme on 14th November on the topic “Image Enhancing” between 10:00 a.m. and11:30 a.m.. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Michelle, a qualified cosmologist from Mumbai. Being an expert in hair and make-up, she has been a part of Pria Warrick Finishing Academy since long. Female teachers were provided with valuable tips and advice on every aspect of beauty on various skin types in order to reinvest themselves and get back what ladies have lost during the ageing process. Ms. Michelle prepared all the teachers(females) for a complete make-over to discover the inner world of true beauty.

A group of 20 students along with Mrs. Sarita Sehgal attented a workshop on ‘Epilepsy-Cause, Cure and Myths’ on 14th November. It was organized by Neurology Department of AIIMS to spread awareness among masses about the possible causes and preventions of the same. .It was a two-hour session wherein the senior doctors discussed various aspects of the cure and myths associated with the disease. A few parents were also invited to share the problems faced by them in their day-to-day lives. A layman does not know about the disease and considers patients to be mentally disabled. The team of doctors strongly emphasized that it is a curable disease and that the patient should be treated affectionately, not with hatred. The program came to an end with a magic show highlighting that a little caution can lead to safety and prevention of the disease.