Recent Workshops

Delhi, Sep 26, 2022:The school organised a workshop on “Effective Leadership” for the Middle and Senior Apeejay Parliamentarians and Class Representatives on 26 September 2022. It was conducted by the school counsellor Ms. Dharini Sahni and co-ordinated by Mr. Arvind Kaushal.

The workshop commenced with the Principal’s address. As a dynamic leader herself, Mrs. Veena Goel, encouraged the students with time tested-tips and real-life examples, about time and resource management. The students also enthusiastically shared their views through the interactive activities and enlightening discussions planned for them.

This session helped the students comprehend the importance of maintaining boundaries, skills of collaboration, and balancing responsibilities.

The activities not only strengthened their understanding of teamwork but also enabled the students understand how to manage time, be assertive and face challenges that come up. Further, the workshop addressed the significance of destressing oneself. It gave the young leaders a new perspective on what leadership is all about. The interesting takeaways from the session were management of self and time.

It is our endeavour at Apeejay for our students to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Delhi, Sep 10, 2022: ICSE 2022 4th International Conference on Sustainability Education was organised on 10 September 2022, with a major theme of building connections and partnerships for a Sustainable Future.

Ms Malini Sridhar, Eco Club in-charge of Apeejay School, Pitampura, had the privilege of attending the conference. At the event, worldwide eminent speakers shared their success stories on models that they have incorporated in the Education system for Sustainable development in Schools and Colleges.

July 22, 2022: A folktale storytelling session was organised by Korean Cultural Centre in collaboration with Theatre I Entertainment on 22 July 2022 in Apeejay School, Pitampura. Students of Classes I and II were introduced to the rich Korean Culture by the artists in their colourful costumes. The artists used the art of storytelling to share and promote universal human values among the students.