Recent Workshops

New Delhi, August 22, 2023: A workshop was held for the students of Class II related to the Safety and Security of the people of India on 22 August 2023. The school’s security guards explained to them how they ensure the safety of the students and staff. The students had a very interactive session and were able to correlate the security in the school with that of the security at the borders and in the cities.

New Delhi, August 18, 2023 An OPTICS outreach programme SPIE Student Chapter University of Delhi conducted by Acharya Narendra Dev College students on 18 August 2023 for 50 class X students in two sessions of 25 each. To gauge the effectiveness of the workshop, they conducted a pre-test before the commencement of the session, followed by a post-test at the conclusion. The data collected will assist them in assessing the students' progress.

New Delhi, August 5, 2023: Apeejay School, Pitampura recently hosted the Teacher Training Workshop on Jolly Phonics. The workshop was conducted by Ms Shefali Juneja (SAARS publications). It was conducted to equip the teachers with a variety of activities in teaching and learning Jolly Phonics. During the session, teachers were introduced to various new Jolly Phonics concepts through group activities. It proved to be a valuable learning experience, enabling teacher educators to develop essential language skills among young learners.