Recent Workshops

New Delhi, July 2018: In the month of July, a Life Skills Session was carried out for classes VII and VIII on the topic ‘Bullying and Interpersonal Communication’ by the School counselor, Ms. Ritika Sethi. The students were given an insight about the facts on Bullying and why bullying can lead to severe consequences. For Class VIII - the need to instill communication skills is very important to help students develop effective communication pattern in three spheres – verbal, non-verbal and interpersonal. Overall, it was an interactive session wherein many students came forward and shared their views on the topic.

life skill

New Delhi, July 3, 2018: A workshop for teachers was organised in the School by Ms. Jyotsna Bhardwaj, Professor at NCERT. The topic of the workshop was ‘Celebrating and nurturing the three Es – Engagement, Ethics and Excellence’ for the advancement in education.

New Delhi, May 9, 2018: Economics Workshop was conducted by the Indian School of Business and Finance in the School premises. The students of Class XII participated in the workshop.