Recent Workshops

New Delhi, September 29, 2019: The students of classes X, XI and XII participated in a Video Conference titled ‘Education for Global Citizenship’. Besides Apeejay School, Pitampura, two other schools from India and one school from Indonesia participated in this Video Conference. All the students did a very good job discussing their lives and ‘Education for Global Citizenship’. Students enjoyed interacting with each other and learned a great deal. They felt comfortable and were able to build their own safe space quickly and share their opinions. For example, students shared the meaning of globalization from their own perspective. They possessed good listening skills and it was clear from their body language. There were moments of deep dialogue and towards the end it shifted to a higher level. Students also shared their personal experiences and how their School has motivated them by teaching them skills to help become global citizens.

New Delhi, September 24, 2019: The first round of the Career Counselling Session for Class X kick started on 24th September 2019 with Ms Jyotsna Bhardwaj, a well-known and highly acclaimed progressive educator, consulting psychologist and a trained counselor. She specialises in students programmes such as life skills training, career guidance and other developmental issues. School Principal, Mrs Veena Goel, also helped the students to explore their skills & strengths and then decide their future course of action.

career counseling


New Delhi, September 3, 2019: The second module of ASPIRE Program, in association with Envision India Eduservices, was organised for students of Class VIII. It focused on key elements of ‘Happiness’ and dealt with being optimistic in life. The students were shown pictures and they had to guess whether it was a positive scene or a negative scene. This depicted their outlook about life. The students were also asked to sing a happy song.