Star of ApeejaySmriti Verma, Class XII student of Apeejay School, Pitampura is a promising writer with a distinct voice of her own. She has won prestigious prizes and international acclaim.

She began writing at the age of 14, scribbling bits of writing on torn-up pieces of paper between classes. This flair for writing grew and flowered as she compiled her scribblings into a 49,985 words-long piece in the winter of 2012, which later became her first novel. This was followed by her second novel in 2013, titled Aves, which later won the NaNoWriMo Polly Prize, organised by Laura Thomas Communications, and received a manuscript consultation from a published author.

Her short story ‘Alluring Embers’ achieved the seventh position in an international short story contest, organised by Laura Thomas Communications. This was followed by numerous publishing credits from reputed journals that served both teenagers and adults alike, which have now grown to include the Open Road Review, Canvas Literary Journal, Yellow Chair Review, DoveTales Literary Journal, Word Riot, Alexandria Quarterly, Eunoia Review, Inklette, Textploit and Phosphene Literary Journal – journals in which her poetry and prose have appeared, or are forthcoming.

Her poetry has also earned her praise, she won the first prize in the ‘16 and over’ category of the Crusades Poetry Competition, organised by the University of Warwick. This was followed by her poem ‘The Dream Speaks’, winning the Freud and the Unconscious Poetry Competition, and her poem getting published and archived online on the Young Poets Network. Her most major achievement, however, came with her winning the Save the Earth Poetry Competition, organised by John Felstiner, and associated with the Stanford University and Weeden Foundation. This led to her receiving a cash prize of 200$ and international acclaim as she was one among the seven winners chosen from all over the world.

She is also working for reputed journals, serving as a Poetry Reader for Inklette, as Editorial Intern at The Blueshift Journal, as Junior Literature Editor for Siblíní Art and Literature Journal, and as a First Reader for Polyphony H.S.