New Delhi, October 30, 2013: The School’s students participated in the Zonal Athletics Meet 2013, held at Chhatarsal Stadium, Model Town from 28th – 30th October 2013. They won the following positions in different categories:

Category: Sub Junior

S. No. Name Class Event Position
1 SARANSH VIG VIII-D 4X100 Relay First
2 SHIVAM SHUKLA VIII-B 4X100 Relay First
3 SAMAKSH GARG VII-C 4X100 Relay First
4 ASHIT JAIN VII-B 4X100 Relay First
5 ASMITA VIII-A 4X100 Relay First
6 SONAL MEHTA VIII-A 4X100 Relay First
7 RITIKA SETHI VIII-B 4X100 Relay First
8 BHAWNA KAPOOR VII-A 4X100 Relay First
9 SHIVAM SHUKLA VIII-B 200 Mts. Second
10 SHIVAM SHUKLA VIII-B 600 Mts. Second
11 SONAL MEHTA VIII-A 100 Mts. Second
12 SHIVAM SHUKLA VIII-B 100 Mts. Third

Category: Junior

S. No. Name Class Event Position
1 Kalash Kaushal VIII-B 800 Mts. First
2 Kalash Kaushal VIII-B 1500 Mts. First
3 Kalash Kaushal VIII-B 3000 Mts. First
4 Tushar Suri X-B 100 Mts. First
5 Tushar Suri X-B 200 Mts. First
6 Rohit Mann X-A 1500 Mts. Third
7 Kalash Kaushal VIII-B 4X100 Relay Second
8 Varuni Goel X-D 4X100 Relay Second
9 Tejasvini Sareen X-A 4X100 Relay Second
10 Disha Tyagi X-A 4X100 Relay Second
11 Mukund Tiwari X-A High Jump Second
12 L. Dinesh Rathore IX-B High Jump Third
13 Anmol Gandhi IX-A Shot Put Second
14 Ruhani Oberoi X-B Shot Put Third

Category: Senior

S. No. Name Class Event Position
1 Anshul Mandavat X-A High Jump First
2 Prateeksha Sehgal XII-B Shot Put First
3 Prateeksha Sehgal XII-B Discus First
4 Neha Sharma XI-C Discus Third