The School has a very spacious and well-ventilated Chemistry Lab. The lab is equipped with all the instruments and chemicals which enable the concept building of the students in the field of Chemistry.

Well stocked with a sufficient quantity of chemicals and glass apparatus. Well-equipped with distillation plant, gas plant, and latest instruments like Electrical Balance, Centrifuge, Electrical water bath, Magnetic stirrer. Teaching aids like Charts and Atomic model sets are available to meet teaching requirements.

The lab is fully equipped with equipment to meet any untoward happening.

The School has a well-equipped and spacious Biology Lab. The lab is equipped with all the models, charts, and slides which enable the concept building of the students in the field of Biology.

The lab is well equipped with different 3D models of the various organ systems in the human body, plant anatomy and life cycles, etc. Projection microscope, Binocular Microscope, and Compound Microscopes are extensively used. A large collection of permanent slides serves as a teaching aid. There are charts that are very valuable and effective teaching aids. The school has micro models and dissectible micro models which give hands-on experience to students in knowing every organ / part of an organism.


  • Biotech lab emphasizes on skill, which is the key to success for the budding scientists of tomorrow.
  • The lab is equipped with all facilities and the main purpose of the Biotechnology lab is to integrate the practical work with the curriculum.
  • It aims at familiarizing the learner with various basic techniques to identify, isolate, purify and characterize microorganisms, proteins, DNA enzymes etc.
  • The lab is equipped with a computer with Internet connection to make the students practice various exercises on Bioinformatics. The students study theory lessons in the form of “Click & Do” exercises on computers using various Internet sites.