New Delhi, Sep. 9, 2016: An orientation session on ‘Jolly Phonics’ was organised by Ms. Sarita Sehgal for the teachers of the Primary and Pre-Primary Department. A video on the impact of wrong pronunciation was shared to set the tone for the day. This video clearly depicted the need for having correct pronunciation at the right time because it leads to correct spellings and Jolly Phonics is in tandem with the teaching learning requirements of the students forming the very basis of learning English.

The session started with a PowerPoint presentation showing what ‘Jolly Phonics’ is all about. The important elements like it is not introduced in alphabetical order, multisensory learning, teaching blending of sounds with pronunciation, introducing diagraphs and movement from simple to complex learning were deliberated upon at length with the help of videos and hands-on activities.

After talking about ‘What’ of Jolly Phonics, the session moved on to ‘How’ to teach it to the students. Various audios and activities were demonstrated in steps to facilitate the intricacies of its implication. All the dos and don’ts of teaching Jolly Phonics were discussed with the group. Last but not the least how it is different from other phonics and its long term advantages were well-projected by the resource person.

The last half an hour of the Workshop saw all group teachers presenting the lessons executed in the past one and half hour through Rap Singing and Bouncing Ball activity illustrating learning spellings through these activities.