New Delhi, Sep. 15, 2015: Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls organised a Physics workshop on ‘Innovation in Classrooms’ with an objective to explore the ways of conducting innovative experiments and activities in classrooms. Mrs. Neeta, principal of the host school, emphasised on learning by doing and that Science should be student-centered. Ms. Sutapa Lahiri, senior teacher at Modern School and Ms. Pragya, senior teacher at Birla Mandir School, were the resource persons for the Workshop. Teachers from renowned schools of Delhi had a hands-on practical experience at the Workshop. All teachers were divided into groups to perform various experiments related to different topics from Physics and same were presented by the teachers.

Activities performed were based on concepts like:

  1. Oxygen is necessary for combustion
  2. Factors on which resistance depends
  3. Electrostatic charges
  4. Formation of images by plane mirror

The activities were simple and interesting aiming to help develop inquisitiveness among the students. Overall, it was an enriching experience.