New Delhi, Feb. 25, 2017: A Workshop on the effect of rolling back of CCE from the session 2017 – 18 will bring a serious twist in the evaluation and assessment of education. To throw light on its implication, a team comprising Ms. Anuradha Batra, Ms. Sarita Sehgal and Ms. Neha Nayyar conducted a two-hour session for all the faculty members including the School Principal, Mr D.K. Bedi and the respected Teacher In-charges.

The objective of the Workshop was to sensitise the teaching fraternity about the challenges the future generation will face in the coming years. The philosophy of education from the pre-independent India till date was touched upon, highlighting the drastic deterioration and stagnation in the education system by Ms Anuradha. The CCE implementation and advantages of CCE were taken up at length by Ms. Neha.

What led to its failure and how is it going to affect the future generation, was the now the most crucial aspect of the deliberation which was taken up by Ms Sarita Sehgal. An enlightened educational leadership, readily available resources, teacher empowerment, innovation, skill development & technologies that build competencies of the students and lastly quest for excellence can help us get transformed to the next level to a large extent. With this thought provoking talk, the session came to an end.