Delhi, July 21, 2016: Ms. Smita Sharma from Apeejay School, Pitampura attended a training workshop on ‘The Awakened Citizen Program’ for Class VIII on 20th & 21st July 2016. The Workshop was the continuation of the learning of the previous sessions related to Class VII. The teachers were given demo presentations on awakening possibilities and were also guided to use ‘Class Facilitation’ tool as one of the ways to access & implement sessions in an innovative manner. Every participating teacher also presented a demo lesson in accordance to the fulfillment of the objective of the Workshop.

The most emphasising part of the workshop was “the focus on ‘can’ or ‘could’ rather than ‘should’”. In other words, the discovery of the self is expected by choice and not by compulsion or imposition. The teachers were also provided with a kit of study material and every exploration was supported by a story or examples. The Workshop focused on time management by making story narration brief, bringing out only the key points and then focusing on discussions related to the six universal possibilities: Being heroic, developing shradha, expanding myself, living in harmony, seeking perfection and being a truth seeker.