Delhi, May 2021: Apeejay School, Pitampura organised a session for the students of classes III - V on the topic - Mission Happiness Towards Emotional Well Being & Positive Mental Health. A very thought-provoking topic, relevant to the present time during the pandemic, was dealt with utmost care by the well-known psychologist and counsellor, Dr. Jyotsna Bhardwaj. She has a charismatic personality and concepts woven into stories, highlighted the mental health, physical and emotional health of the young ones, thereby trying to bring a sea-change in their attitude to infuse positivity and happiness in them.

The young ones were head over heels to share their experiences, queries looking for some unanswered questions in their subconscious mind.

She encouraged everyone to have half an hour - 'Me Time' where one could introspect into the personality and bring out the best in oneself by being grateful to the petty positive happenings around and promise to work upon the shortcomings to become a better person every day.

She highlighted the mantra for happiness.
S - Sleep well
E - Eat healthy
T - Time for fitness

An old practised remedy by our grandmothers but forgotten in this modern era.

During the Question-Answer session, she brought to the forefront a very pertinent aspect that emotions need not be controlled but should be managed.

Overall, it was an enriching session that provided comfort, hope and helped one and all to navigate towards a healthy, happy life.
Parents lauded the efforts of the School to provide such an engaging, motivational session for their kids which was the need of the hour during the distressing times.