Delhi, May 05, 2022: HT School, & HT Smartcast organized a workshop for students on 5th May 2022 named “Junior Smartcaster- The Podcast Making Workshop.” It gave a complete insight into the universe of Podcasting. Five students from classes IX-XII and a teacher attended the workshop.

The students got to know the process of making a podcast. They did their research and recorded the trailer for their podcast.

The recording was done by the HT and at the end of the session, they were given the certificates. “Exploration, interactions and observation took the front seat of learning today when I visited Fever 104 and 94.3 Radio One.”- said Divisha a student of class X. It was a great workshop everyone was very interactive and enthusiastic. It was based on Podcast Making we also met radio jockeys – said Harivansh a student of class XII.