New Delhi, May 10, 2019: Japanese Language School Teachers Association (JALSTA), with the support of CBSE and the Japan Foundation, New Delhi (JFND) conducted a Japanese Language Workshop for Japanese language teachers in Delhi/NCR on 10th May, 2019 at the Japan Foundation, New Delhi. Dr Biswajit Saha, Director (Skill Education & Training), CBSE, inaugurated the Workshop and also addressed the teachers and gave valuable information on CBSE curriculum, exam format and the status of foreign languages.

The main objectives of the Workshop were:

  • To brush up the teachers’ Japanese language skills
  • To teach methodologies along with Japanese culture,
  • To train teachers on how to use the new prescribed text books effectively while teaching etc.

Ms Imoto (Language Advisor, Japan Foundation) took a session on project-based learning as a part of the CBSE Curriculum (2019-20). It was an enriching experience for all the teachers

Ms Anju Raghav (Visiting Faculty Japan Foundation, CBSE Panelist) gave a short presentation on particle which further deepened the knowledge and understanding of teachers