On 23rd day of August 2009, two representatives from Green Peace were invited to talk about some vital issues like Global Warming, Environmental Conservation etc. They raised several crucial topics and discussed with students. To make the session interactive, various audio-visual clips were also shown to the students. This was done to emphasize upon the need of conserving natural resources like water, land, fuels etc. The students were taught the ways of conserving water and energy on everyday basis. Various animated and digital movie clips were shown in order to introduce children with the alarming scenario of our planet Earth. A picture on drying Ganges was most appalling for the students. They were urged to change themselves and act with immediate effect before it gets too late to rectify our mistakes. At the end of the session the students were made to take a vow that they would make optimum utilization of natural resources and won’t waste them. The students were also encouraged to be the “Green Warriors” to fight for the cause.