Ms Seema Chauhan and Ms. Sarita Sharma attended a workshop on the theme “ From Teaching To Enabling Assimilation” on 15th September in Ramakrishna mission. The workshop focused on the role of the teacher that is of a facilitator and how to enable students to access new knowledge better. The resource person was Mr. V Srinivas an IIT and IIM who had developed this module on achieving consistent success, mainly meant for students. The workshop aimed at creating in the teachers’ mind awareness as to how, while teaching various subjects, they can awaken in the students a scientific temper, inquisitiveness for seeking fundamentals, creativity and a problem solving approach and ultimately create transformed human being.

The concept presentation was followed by a group exercise in which teachers from different schools were divided into groups and each group prepared a presentation keeping in mind how to invoke the inner power of the students and the various steps involved in it.