New Delhi, March 25, 2017: On 24th and 25th March 2017, two teachers, Mrs. Mala Dayal and Ms Anupama Chauhan attended the Facilitators Development Workshop (year 1) for the ‘The Awakened Citizen Programme’ conducted by the Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi. Day one began with an introduction to the ‘Awakened Citizen Program’. The central theme of the Awakened Citizen Programme was possibilities with three-fold vision – Universal Possibilities, Knowledge Possibilities and Physical Possibilities that are at disposal of every child but need to be tapped.

During the training session, the resource persons, with the help of PPT, emphasised on the infinite potential in every individual which can be manifested as excellence in every walk of life. The aim of the Programme is to empower students, make them think and take independent decisions and develop as enlightened citizens. The content and teaching methodology of the Programme were based on extensive research and explained very well by the resource persons. The session on Day 1 was very interactive & inspiring and gave an insight into effective facilitation practices.

On Day 2, teachers were divided into groups of three & four and were given various topics from three parts of the programme for presentation. Ample time was given for discussion within the group, mock presentation and then the final presentation with the help of a PPT. It turned out to be very interesting as it evoked a wonderful response from the teachers. Discussions, counter questions, all these helped the teachers to have a better understanding of the programme and also how to conduct the sessions effectively in their own school.