New Delhi, Jan. 2017: Apeejay School, Pitampura organised an open discussion on ‘Easy Accessibility of Adult Sites among School Children’. The panelists for the same were Ms. Malini Sridhar, Ms. Ritika Mehndiratta, Ms. Vandana Sharma & Ms. Sapna Sondhi. The discussion started with Ms. Malini Sridhar’s elaboration on facts that have been gathered over time regarding viewing of adult sites which itself was an eye opener for many. This was followed by an ice breaking session by Ms. Sapna Sondhi. Common questions by children that parents find difficult in answering were also discussed. It was an interactive session.

A role play, among other things, was also performed to give an insight into the reality of porn viewing children and the type of response they get from parents & teachers. The psychological aspects responsible for viewing of such sites were discussed by Ms. Ritika which gave a new perspective to the topic. The discussion concluded with the School Principal guiding the teachers about how they need to tackle such problems.