“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.”

Delhi, July 23, 2021: A digital video conference under the aegis of Generation Global was organised on 23rd July 2021 through the channel ZOOM in which Apeejay School, Pitampura participated along with the participants of students from Indonesia, Pakistan, Dubai, Italy, UK. The topic of discussion was ‘Climate Change’. The VC started at 2 pm according to Indian standard time and continued till 3:30 pm. During the conference, the students from all the schools exchanged their views on the severity of the problem of Climate change.

Students discussed the following points:

  • Climate change happens due to global warming. It changes all the conditions of the climate of a region
  • The process of climate change happens over a long time.
  • The frequent conditions of the weather of a region indicate the change of climate.
  • Climate change due to global warming is happening because of human beings.
  • Deforestation in a forest land causes a drastic change in temperature, which gradually becomes a permanent temperature of that place until new trees are grown there.
  • Climate change is causing many problems in the environment. Forest fires are increasing due to the dryness in a forested region.
  • All the species of plants and animals are becoming extinct due to the unfavourable conditions in which they live.
  • Reforestation can help in changing the factors of the climate of a region to some extent.
  • Climate change during pre-Corona times and post-Corona times.
  • Role of government in controlling climate change.
Dialogue on Climate Change