The 5th and 6th module of ASPIRE Program, in association with Envision India Eduservices, was conducted for the students of Class VIII on the topic ‘Gender Sensitization’ and ‘Social Media & Phone Etiquettes’ respectively.

In the session on ‘Gender Sensitization’, the students were asked to guess some of the professions which were being followed by females or males. The cause and consequence of the gender discrimination were discussed and the solution to it lies in Education. Female feticide and infanticide were also discussed. In the end, students were asked to perform role plays or recite some slogans on the topic.

In the session on ‘Social Media and Phone Etiquettes’, the students were made aware regarding the time they were spending on social media & phone rather than with their friends and family. This is also affecting their studies as it is one of the major distractions. A quiz was conducted to see if the students were addicted to phone and social media. Students were also told about the health hazards of excessive usage of mobile phones.

These sessions helped the students to acquire the life skills that will be required by them as they grow.