New Delhi, May 2020: Apeejay School, Pitampura conducted its 1st Mentor Session of the academic year 2020-21 by Mr Devansh Ahuja, newly appointed Mentor by Atal Innovation Mission. Mr Devansh is B.Tech in Mechatronics and it currently working with a startup in Denmark. The Session was conducted online on Zoom for the selected 35 students of Class VIII.

The session started with ‘What is Wireless Technology and how Communication is done without Wires’. The advantages of Wireless Technology were also discussed. Then Internet of Things (IoT) - a technological concept was discussed including how the objects of daily life are equipped with electronic components, software and sensors and are connected to the internet and to each other. The project based on IoT was presented to all students. The model of a bulb was controlled using a mobile phone - using Node MCU and a relay. The objects acted in an intelligent way when the bulb was turned on and off using a mobile phone. Later, a question & answer session was held and the queries were answered by the Mentor. Overall, the session was very informative and interactive. Students were amazed to see the bulb glowing using a mobile phone. There are many devices that we can control wirelessly. Students will take up the project of Home Automation as the School reopens.