New Delhi, September 30, 2014: The School organises its mass Cleanliness Drive cum School Decoration twice a year to reinforce the spirit of Dignity of Labour and instill an understanding of the adage ‘Cleanliness is Next to Godliness’. The dates are fixed in the school calendar before the session starts and the students eagerly wait for this team activity wherein the whole class becomes one unit, focused to prove its mettle.

Children from classes I to XII took the broom, mop or wiper to bring a sparkle all around them, working with their own hands to banish all traces of dust or dirt. Children worked hard to bring shine to table tops, window panes, furniture & boards and even the floor was cleaned with a vengeance. Nothing was spared as busy hands swept and cleaned along with their teachers and support staff who lent a helping hand wherever needed. The radiance of sweat and ‘mission accomplished’ shone in their faces as the day came to an end with the judges (student prefects and teachers) awarding them points for their efforts.

The school has also spearheaded its ‘Swachh School Campaign’ in the month of October with the cooperation of everyone who is a part of the school.