Delhi, June 15, 2022 :To make our students aware of International Yoga Day the school celebrated yoga week “Yoga for Humanity and Health” starting from 15th June to 21st June 2022. The yoga club students came up with the different asanas to be performed throughout the week under the expert guidance of the Yoga teacher Ms. Nitasha Garg.

The series was made keeping in mind the increasing problems related to incorrect body postures like cervical, frozen shoulders, hunch in back, stiffness in neck and shoulders, etc.

The suggested yoga asanas were Sarvang Asana, Matsya Asana, Ushtra Asana, and Hal Asana which are well known for their therapeutical advantages.

The Yoga Week culminated on 21st June 2022. Ms. Veena Goel, Principal along with the members of staff celebrated this day by performing the asanas under the expert guidance of Ms. Rashmi Budhiraja. The participants performed Surya Namaskar in unison and pledged to uphold the theme of the 8th International Yoga Day “Yoga for Humanity & Health”.