New Delhi, Oct. 26, 2018: About 40 students from classes XI B and XII B visited the National Institute of Plant Genome Research which had organised an Open Day for school students.

Students visited a number of exhibits and had a chance to interact with research scholars. They had wonderful demonstrations and discussions along with doubt clearing sessions.

Some topics included:

  1. Development of rice varieties that can grow under low phosphate conditions.
  2. Understanding the mechanism of submergence tolerance and seed viability in Rice.
  3. Development of Transgenic Crops
  4. Identification for a Broad Spectrum Anti-Fungal Protein
  5. Nutritional Genomics
  6. Computational Biology
  7. Genome Analysis and Molecular Mapping
  8. Molecular Mechanism of Abiotic Stress
  9. DNA Extraction
  10. Smart Insects Smarter Plants
  11. Plant Tissue Culture
  12. Chromatography
  13. Photosynthesis Rate Enhancement
  14. Various Types of Microscopes
  15. Mechanism of Leaf dropping in Touch me not Plant

Visit to National Institute of Plant Genome Research