Japan, Nov. 13, 2016: Seven students of classes XI & XII, along with Mrs. Seema Chauhan, visited Japan to participate in Sakura Science Programme from 6th to 13th November.

Under the Sakura Science Programme, students visited Tokyo for the purpose of exploring Japan's finest technological advancements & research facilities and came back enriched with scientific knowledge. Students visited Nippon Steel Corporation; the Photon Factory wherein they were awestruck by the collision of an electron with positron and the Sony Explora Science Museum. Students got the opportunity of hands-on experiment with Dr. Shira Kawa, noble laureate in Chemistry and interaction with NASA astronaut, Dr Mon.

Another highlight was the visit to the University of Tokyo which is equipped with state-of-art scientific instruments and offers great environment for growth & innovation. Students also got the chance to have tete-a tete with Meikei High School students. All of this coupled with cultural tours in Tokyo, Yokohama, Asakusa and Akihaba gave students a bird eye’s view of the Japanese culture and traditions.

The visit not only deepened the interest of students in Science but also refined them as humans as they imbibed good values. The learning everyone received was unparalleled to any text book.

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