New Delhi, July 19, 2019: Apeejay School, Pitampura celebrated its 1st Tinkerfest on 18th and 19th July 2019. It was an initiative of the Atal Innovation Mission to celebrate Tinkerfest across all ATLs to weave the spirit of tinkering, innovation and collaboration.

The day started with the prayer to the almighty. School Vice-Principal, Dr Sujeet E. Massih inspired the students to ignite their mind and think out of the box and innovate in their most favorite place of their school. He motivated the students to become future leaders. The sessions were taken by Mayank Rawat from Indraprastha Institute of Technology and our School Alumni of 2017 batch, Kunal Gupta and Abhimanyu Jha who are currently pursuing B.Tech from IIT Delhi and Indraprastha Institute of Technology Delhi respectively.

35 students from classes VII-XI participated in the event with zeal and enthusiasm. The day started with ‘Introduction to Microcontrollers’ and Arduino. The students learnt basics of Arduino, interfacing with sensors, motors and LEDs. They learnt about Arduino IDE. The students created programs to blink and fade an LED. They enjoyed hands-on experience on Arduino. In session 2, students created music with Ultrasonic Sensor. It was a great and enjoyable experience for students to play music with buzzer and ultrasonic sensor.

The next day, on 19th July 2019, students created projects based on RFID tag and reader. Their soldering skills were tested and they could read information on RFID card. Later, students created simple electronic circuit which enables to apply voltage to load in either direction using H-Bridge and DC motor. Using H Bridge, students could run DC Motor in clockwise or anticlockwise directions. Overall, the days were full of learning, fun and enjoyment.